“Insist Upon the Best” – JetPro Hotel HVAC cleaning.

We specialize in the expert cleaning of hotel PTACs, VTACs, and ACs. Our mission is to provide an unobtrusive, quiet, and thorough HVAC cleaning service to each of our hotelier customers. We shun the use of truck-mounted systems, whether used in-room or in the parking lot, for the noise and disruption these processes cause. Our fully mobile wash systems are designed to clean your equipment in each guest room, allowing for a completely private and very quiet cleaning process. Give us a call to learn more about why so many hoteliers are making the switch to us, and then using our service year after year.


Private, In-room Service

Our in-room PTAC cleaning process is the quietest, most private service of its kind. Our mobile equipment operates in the guest room, a feature which eliminates many guest disruptions, reduces noise, and avoids bringing attention to the process.


Non-Toxic HVAC Cleaners

We’ve selected a high quality, non-toxic and biodegradable HVAC coil cleaner to do the dirty work. This is not your big-box “green” cleaner. Certified and approved for indoor use on HVAC equipment, this was designed for what we do.


Performance Testing

Every project includes the performance testing of your equipment. Our eight-point testing process produces data which is compiled into our HAM (HVAC Asset Management) report, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the health of your HVAC equipment.



Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing

The difference between deep cleaning your hotel’s HVAC equipment and superficially cleaning the exposed surfaces is huge. Our teams are trained to properly clean and sanitize the critical areas in your PTAC, VTAC, and AC equipment.


40+ Units Per Day

We routinely clean 40 or more units per day, and all before your three o’clock check-ins come knocking. Our highly organized process is both thorough and fast-paced, with all guest rooms turned over to your staff by check-in time.

Small Family Business

As most hoteliers know, there is something unique about working with a small family business. The service is personal, the attention is available, and the quality of the work is exceptional. Come experience the difference with us.


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