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JetPro's hot washing equipment far exceeds the capability of any consumer product, we are experts in our field, and we are cheaper in the long run than handing down the task. When excellence is required and the proper tools are needed, call JetPro. 651-262-4550

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  • Proper and safe cleaning and flushing of gutters requires the right tools and high volume pumps.

    Proper and safe cleaning and flushing of gutters requires the right tools and high volume pumps.

  • Concrete cleaning requires specialized equipment. Never clean concrete with a single nozzle!

    Concrete cleaning requires specialized equipment. Never clean concrete with a single nozzle!

Commercial Hot Washing

Commercial Hot Washing

A well maintained facility projects an image of success and confidence. We are equipped to keep you looking great. Facility Washing is one of JetPro’s most basic services. We use hot water pressure washers to properly wash away the dirt, insect and spider debris, fungus, and bird waste. The hottest in the industry, our systems melt away our competition. Equipped with specialized equipment, our enclosed cube trucks are rolling wash stations, complete with concrete scrubbers, wall and floor washing tools, telescoping lances, and steaming equipment.
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Residential Services

Residential Services

From gutter cleaning & flushing to house washing, window washing and more, JetPro offers the best value in residential services. Equipped with the right tools, our team will complete your wash project with care.
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Window & Track Washing

Window & Track Washing

Window washing is an important part of maintaining your facility or home however, getting windows clean without the use of commercial-grade equipment is difficult! JetPro has the proper tools to clean windows at any height. Choose JetPro because: - We will respond within 1 business day - We are professional, timely, and uniformed - We have commercial-grade equipment - We guarantee our work
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Concrete Grease Removal

Concrete Grease Removal

Pavement degreasing is one of our specialty services. Using hot water and steam, we will scour your pavement and remove years of dirt, grease, and gum spots. We will brighten up your sidewalk, driveway, or patio quickly and without breaking your budget.
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Green Mill – Woodbury! Grease removal, window washing, and awning cleaning.

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Extreme gutter cleaning and evacuation in St Paul Park!

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House washing in Forest Lake!

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Excavator degreasing!



Concrete fungus removal!

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Grease & oil removal – Residential garage floor!

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Canopy wash at McKnight Market and Gas!

Canopy wash at McKnight Market and Gas! Glad to have earned their business!10303803_311646858995498_244047964721920558_n 10352582_311646715662179_6260411355181346651_n 10492242_311646702328847_542418353614526290_n 10517497_311646775662173_3059095826284776585_n

Grease removal at the Valley Tap House!

Valley Tap House of Apple Valley has become our newest customer! Before and after photos!10305513_310296792463838_2657656764144917699_n 10351752_310296932463824_6780768025739823185_n 10410309_310296745797176_9121485640993449986_n 10509706_310296909130493_4201434909119326201_n

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe!

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe! The best Mediterranean restaurant in the area, now grease free!10246310_299745763518941_3250940132413753739_n 10346117_299745833518934_8222803149813392282_n 10390343_299745796852271_8248126047324958617_n 10390553_299745773518940_7606247194505789732_n

Commercial Kitchen Grease Removal

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems play a crucial role in restaurant fire prevention. Designed to draw up and away cooking fumes, smoke, and airborne grease, your commercial exhaust system requires regular maintenance and cleaning. We’ve partnered with Nardini Fire Equipment Company to offer you not only professional steam cleaning of your exhaust system, but seasoned and experienced fire equipment services for your portable and pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression equipment as well. When you’re ready, give JetPro a try and experience the difference. Think your current cleaner is doing well? Our custom-built 15 megapixel inspection camera equipped with 10,000 lumens of illuminating power will reveal the truth.